Travel Document Organizer

Multifunctional Travel Document Organizer Wallet Passport ID Card Holder Ticket Credit Card Bag 

YOUR MOST SUITABLE CHOICE FOR A TRAVEL WALLET this roomy Passport Holder, Neck Pouch fits comfortably under garments. 

Now thieves won’t see your ID, credit card, money, papers, passport and more. It’s virtually impossible for them to just take your important products.

and luxuriate in the exceptional construction and materials that make this throat pouch one of the better values on the market your money can buy.
It sports an adjustable throat band that is therefore comfortable it is possible to use it all day.

give you a lot of space to secure everything. We utilize high quality ripstop nylon that is far superior to others on the market.
This material is indeed strong it’s usually used to make parachutes and aircraft wings.

175mm by 255mm. Very light so you won’t have the fat loitering your throat.
This might be just right for travel, enjoying busy activities, sports, mass transit and elsewhere you want added safety.

Terms and Condition

  • Ordering: No cancellations upon PO Issued and payment are not refundable
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty by CMN Malaysia
  • Returns: Defective product only
  • File type required: Adobe Illustrator Vector-Based .eps/or .ai format only
  • Logo and content usage: Electronic customer approval required
  • Order Quantity Minimums : 500 pieces”